Monday, September 11, 2006

Tourism for sex in Romania

You probably don't know but Romania has also a large interest for so named "sex tourism". High prostitution networks activate here, and recently activate online in order to recruit new clients. Many times they use footage to blackmail their customers. I don't know exactly how they manage to bring soooo many abroad customers for sex , I guess they have some kind of recruiters in other countries that get some kind of affiliates there. Anyways it's a very high profitable business among the romanian mob's, and many times they have the full support of authorities by offering them bribe (and why not, sex favours). Oh you didn't know that ? Then join the club and come here for sex, people would love you anyway because you spend cash here and make profit to Romania. I believe that 7 out of 10 people have blackmail troubles when they come for sex. If you feel lucky you might get away easy, but do you feel better when you have sex with a kid under age of 18 which is 7/10 times being held forced to do this job ? Think twice before you do that, otherwise you might be unlucky and get some years into romanian prisons, which are not so hospitaliere.

Who are the customers ? Of course, the same western european citizens who come here to molest homeless kids. Although in some western european countries the prostituion has been legalised, they rather come here to fulfill their pervert sexual wishes with kids which are forced to practice this.

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