Saturday, September 09, 2006

Doing any business in Romania

Decided to do a business in Romania ? Maybe you should reconsider that unless you have enough time to waste it with our bureaucracy. Oh, I almost forgot, you will also need enough money ready to bribe everyone here to get the approvals.

You can also choose the second way: you can hire a good lawyer firm who has international clients. That doesn't mean you just pay the fees and that's all. They may (and they will do it for sure) ask you for extra fees (a.k.a. bribe).

Most people who have business in Romania are all kind of arabs (iranian, iraqi, syrians, lebanese,etc.) They operate especially in shipping & crewing area in Constanta area. Beside their surface business they smuggle in coffee, cereals, cigarettes, sometime high amounts of drugs. They somehow takeover our harbour with their bogus business. You can't open anything new here because of them. Many times they appear at TV or in newspapers with tons of articles about them regarding million dollar tax evasion. But who cares right ? Cops take their share, people don't comment because they have jobs there, Gov't doesn't seem to do anything about it.

Recently those arab guys started a new business in Constanta area. They buy absolutely every land available for sale , no matter it is in city or outside the city (country area) for almost nothing. I wonder what real estate scams prepare ...

Another business fact. Every foreign citizen who owns a firm and is new in Romania will have part of several check-ups from economic police, all kind of inspectors from environment and many many others. You can use the 0 day technology, they will always find a reason to whippe you out for some cash. They always choose cash :)

Another mafia business circle is being operated in our capital, Bucharest. The same arab guys helped by the chinese mafia operate there too. They have some huge deposits operated in city's suburbs in retail business. All kind of replicas bought from China can be found there ! real mafia where no one can get into. Never do business with these people no matter what they promise to you, most them are scammers.

If you want to invest wisely in Romania now, you can invest in real estate, in constructions (there is a very big request for apartments and business office buildings) or in agriculture. Since we integrate into the UE (European Union) from January 1, 2007, several rules will have to be followed ... environment related. Recently romanians love to buy "euro" stuff. Every product that has written on his pack that "euro" word has a huge success on the market. Especially the alimentary ones. If you have the necessary funds to do it, many time and patience to waste start immediately until the western european sharks attack us :)

I think that's all about doing business in Romania. Everything else is owned by romanian mob's (Gov members and their first grade relatives). No bullshit.

Do you have any kind of questions regarding doing any kind of business in Romania ? just email me and I will help you out as much as I can.

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