Monday, September 11, 2006

Romania hunted by child molesters !

Romania is very famous among the western european child molesters , especially from Germany, Holland, UK, Austria and others. Almost every month we have a new public case (it might be other cases too but they are not made public because of the European Union...)

I hate those pricks , most of them are over 50 years old and have a very good material situation,they have families in their countries, respectable jobs and they won't bring up any doubt that they are able to do that shit.

I don't know why they choose Romania all the time, I think they have some kind of online forums where they discuss these things otherwise I can't imagine how they arrive here only to molest kids.

They often choose the homeless kids who live in sewage system or in improvised homes.

Kids like the ones presented upper in photos have no fault because they have this life. Most of them come from disordered families where their parents drink all the money they have and send them to beg on crossroads, train and bus stations etc to get them money for drink. If they don't do that are beaten very hard and tortured sometimes by cutting them their hands, legs etc. In this way they impress people even more and get money easy then they were not handicapped. If they have a handicap, the parents benefit of another amounts of money from the Gov't and other humanitarian organizations from all over the world. Those monsters deserve to be jailed for life.

Anyways let's talk about the other monsters category, the child molesters monsters who deserve to be jailed for life without any other rights. They come to Romania and pick the kids random from the train and bus stations, crossroads or simply saw them when they leave their improvised houses in forests etc. Those kids don't have a very bright mind and they fall into this deal with them very easily. They are attracted with some food, money, clothes or any other favours that these pricks do for them, then 90% of the cases are being raped in rented hotel rooms or apartments. Sometimes those idiots come to Romania with special audio-video recording equipments and film them as they are molested. The tapes go over the Internet to be viewed by other sick mind people and so on. It is relative rare when a cases with child molesters are made public because they attract the international press eyes to Romania and the Gov't prefers to cover up these guys. All this shit just to join the European Union and look much cleaner in front of it. Hell with EU too. That's why more and more are coming to Romania to commit this crime because they know they won't be caught so easy.

I have no doubt that I will have to post here more articles in the forthcoming future.

By the way, my personal opinion in this matter is that I believe those humanitarian rights agencies who come to Romania to help those kids are owned or conducted by child molesters too, and sometimes they shut the kids mouth to disclose other cases among them.

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Zari said...

I was deeply saddened by reading this article and could not stop crying over it. I will also forward your email to other people.
I can only pray for those innocent children at this time and may God keep those monster child molesters away from them.