Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Romanian invalid walked over 5,200 km in a wheel chair across Europe

Vasile Stoica, a romanian from Lugoj city managed to cross Europe in a wheel chair. He did this journey in 2 months and 4 days since he left Bucharest. Stoica has arrived in the Cabo Finisterre, Spain ( , see the map in the link) also know as "The end of the world in Spain".

His only help in this journey were his hands used to control the wheelchair for 5,200 km ! When he reach his destination he was welcomed by the mayor Jose Manuel Traba Fernandez, prince William von Habsurg and a large number of locals.

"Thanks to everyone who made today more the complete a dream: they offered a wave of hope to the entire community of invalid people in Romania. I hope my expedition will demonstrate the humans capacity to exceed his own limits." he said.

Vasile Stoicas has crossed through: Romania, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain. His journey wasn't absent of challenges. From canicular weather in Hungary to the forests fire in Spain which made him long his trip with more then 200 km's.

When he started the trip on 7 July his attendant was Calin Popescu Tariceanu (the prime-minister of Romania) riding a bicycle in paralel from mile 0 of Bucharest till he Government headquarters.


brian said...

Hey, I am an American student. I really like your blog and I think I am learning a lot about Romania! Thank you, and keep writing!

stfujaimie said...

That is amazing!

Thanks for keeping us informed about Romania! :)