Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is Romania ready to join UE in 2007 ? I guess not.

I've read an online article in a national newspaper today written by a BBC UK reporter. He's talking about prostitution and traffickers (fishmonger's). See the girls below ? You can find them everywhere in Romania on the side of the road. For ~6$ you can get a blowjob or 10-12$ have sex with them. Beware, it's very risky since they don't have any medical analysis made and you can get AIDS easily.
The statistics show that in the last 6 months human traffickers made more then 1000 victims. Well it's not something unusual around. A BBC reporter named Nick Thorpe came in Romania to make a story about this phenomenon to see how authorities can handle this problem. The authorities response was: "The traffickers are pretty rich, can have good lawyers and accountants. Unfortunately to fight them we only have unequipped, unqualified and unmotivated officers". Yeah, great reason why they don't solve the problem. They get bribe that's why. Motherfuckers ! I hate the police and attorneys here. The sell themselves to the pimps.
The journalist says that he came to Romania to be closer from "one of the hunting fields of the traffickers".
He also interviewed a prisoner who is in jail for being a trafficker. The prisoner says: "The Police consider me a dangerous man, but I'm just a normal guy." He is jailed for 8 years. How the fuck can he say he is just a normal guy ? He's a motherfucker who deserves to spend his life in prison for his actions. He probably forced tons of girls to prostitute and bring him big money.
The journalist also interviewed two girls in a small country city near Buzau. The two girls named Alina and Alexa they were working in their small village for 50$ PER MONTH ! when two boys made them a proposal to work in Bologna, Italy for a bigger salary. The girls left the country thinking they will have a better life in Italy. They thought they will work one as a maid and the other one as a waiter. They've heard about the traffickers but they didn't think for a minute that this can happen to them.
The moment they got into the bus to Bologna in Romania, the girls heard bad news from another girl named Ana. This Ana worked with the pimps, and said to the girls that they own each one 2000 EUR to the pimps for transport, accommodation, etc. The only way they could pay the traffickers was to prostitute on the street. "I was so naive says one girl. I thought that they mean that I will have to clean the streets to pay my 2000 EUR debt to them but no, I had to have sex with more then 30 customers each night." When another girl presumed that Alina (the 2nd girl) won't pay her debt, he was beaten 3 days in a row by their new owners (some guys from Albania!). He tried to suicide and finally managed to trick his guardians and run to the police.
Ana, the girl from the bus, she's an ex victim who had allied with the pimps hoping for a "better contract". He was caught soon when she was trying to fool other girls.
In the first half of 2006 , 104 traffickers were jailed in Romania. My opinion is that 104 is around 5% from reality.
Many european countries fear that in 2007 when Romania will adhere to the EU and when they won't be any kind of restriction to pass the border, the phenomenon will be highly amplified. That's an alarm signal for Europe.

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