Monday, September 25, 2006

Romania hosts Sommet Internationale de la Francophonie
Romania hosts the XI Sommet Internationale de la Francophonie today.

22 Presidents
11 Prime Ministers
36 External Ministers
2 Vice-Presidents
1 Prince (Albert de Monaco)

Romania will spend ~400,000 EUR to hosts the guests....

Monday, September 18, 2006

Book your trip to Romania online

Found another website today for international but also local tourists to book their trip to Romania. The site is in Romanian/English. Select your language and take a look.

Bill Gates needs romanian workers

Microsoft is preparing to open its first technical support center in Romania. They have like 100 jobs for experts that will work starting with January 2007. Each candidate must have a degree in IT, must be comunicative and spontaneous. It will be the largest technical support center in Eastern Europe. The employment procedure will start in October 2006. The future Microsoft employees will join a training process helped by the Gov and Ministry of Education.
In the first phase the target will be focused on customers from Germany and France, and anotheor request is that the candidates must know german and french language very good.
The payments announced are: 400-500 EUR for unexperienced workers and 600-700 for people with a minimum 2 years experience.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Steaua Bucharest owned Dinamo Kiev in UEFA Champions League

FC Steaua Bucuresti issued a warning to the rest of their Group E opponents by beginning their first UEFA Champions League group-stage campaign in a decade with a hugely impressive victory at FC Dynamo Kyiv.
First-half flourishGoals by Sorin Ghionea, Valentin Badea and Nicolae Dica put the Romanian champions in a commanding position after an electric first half and although Serhiy Rebrov also found the net for Dynamo in the opening period, the Ukrainian side's hopes were finally ended with eleven minutes remaining when Dica galloped clear to crown Steaua's night with a fine finish.
Early goalSteaua had made a sensational start in Kiev, taking the lead as early as the third minute and stunning the NSC Olympiyskiy Stadium into near-silence. Defender Ghionea, one of four players restored to the Steaua lineup after a 1-0 weekend win at FC 2005 Pitesti, ghosted into the box at the far post for an inswinging corner and his firm header set the goals rolling.
Dynamo level Three minutes later, Dynamo midfielder Ayila Yussuf had a shot kicked off the line by Rahamin Saban, although the whistle had already blown for a foul on Steaua goalkeeper Carlos Alberto Fernandes. Dynamo only had to wait until the 16th minute to draw level as Ukrainian international Rebrov scored his 20th UEFA Champions League goal Рand his first since March 2000 - by powerfully prodding the ball past Fernandes after latching on to Diogo Rincón's incisive pass. Rebrov came close to adding to his total soon after but his swerving drive was too high to trouble Fernandes.
Steaua strike back Steaua, determined not to be intimidated by their now resurgent hosts, found a higher gear and moved in front again with another header in the 24th minute. Badea was the marksman, stooping to connect with Dica's clever cross following a throw-in which caught Dynamo completely unawares and his diving effort beat Olexandr Shovkovskiy by going in off a post. Provider then turned scorer as Dica registered the fourth goal of an astonishing first half in the 43rd minute, curling in a superb free-kick from 25 metres to give the visitors a two-goal cushion.
Rebrov missDynamo battled hard to get back into the match after the restart and looked their most threatening from set-pieces, as a series of deliveries induced a measure of panic in Steaua's rearguard, most notably when Rebrov volleyed into the side-netting from close range following a corner. Fellow forward Maksim Shatskikh also tested Fernandes with a flicked header but the Portuguese keeper was comfortably equal to the effort.
Dica doubleAs a result of their increased forward thrusts, Dynamo were left totally exposed at the back as they chased the game and Dica made them pay with his second strike late on, sprinting into a seemingly endless amount of space before neatly clipping the ball over the onrushing Shovkovskiy for Steaua's fourth goal which capped a memorable return to the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Took the article from UEFA's website

Go Go Go Steaua Bucharest !

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Romanian invalid walked over 5,200 km in a wheel chair across Europe

Vasile Stoica, a romanian from Lugoj city managed to cross Europe in a wheel chair. He did this journey in 2 months and 4 days since he left Bucharest. Stoica has arrived in the Cabo Finisterre, Spain ( , see the map in the link) also know as "The end of the world in Spain".

His only help in this journey were his hands used to control the wheelchair for 5,200 km ! When he reach his destination he was welcomed by the mayor Jose Manuel Traba Fernandez, prince William von Habsurg and a large number of locals.

"Thanks to everyone who made today more the complete a dream: they offered a wave of hope to the entire community of invalid people in Romania. I hope my expedition will demonstrate the humans capacity to exceed his own limits." he said.

Vasile Stoicas has crossed through: Romania, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain. His journey wasn't absent of challenges. From canicular weather in Hungary to the forests fire in Spain which made him long his trip with more then 200 km's.

When he started the trip on 7 July his attendant was Calin Popescu Tariceanu (the prime-minister of Romania) riding a bicycle in paralel from mile 0 of Bucharest till he Government headquarters.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is Romania ready to join UE in 2007 ? I guess not.

I've read an online article in a national newspaper today written by a BBC UK reporter. He's talking about prostitution and traffickers (fishmonger's). See the girls below ? You can find them everywhere in Romania on the side of the road. For ~6$ you can get a blowjob or 10-12$ have sex with them. Beware, it's very risky since they don't have any medical analysis made and you can get AIDS easily.
The statistics show that in the last 6 months human traffickers made more then 1000 victims. Well it's not something unusual around. A BBC reporter named Nick Thorpe came in Romania to make a story about this phenomenon to see how authorities can handle this problem. The authorities response was: "The traffickers are pretty rich, can have good lawyers and accountants. Unfortunately to fight them we only have unequipped, unqualified and unmotivated officers". Yeah, great reason why they don't solve the problem. They get bribe that's why. Motherfuckers ! I hate the police and attorneys here. The sell themselves to the pimps.
The journalist says that he came to Romania to be closer from "one of the hunting fields of the traffickers".
He also interviewed a prisoner who is in jail for being a trafficker. The prisoner says: "The Police consider me a dangerous man, but I'm just a normal guy." He is jailed for 8 years. How the fuck can he say he is just a normal guy ? He's a motherfucker who deserves to spend his life in prison for his actions. He probably forced tons of girls to prostitute and bring him big money.
The journalist also interviewed two girls in a small country city near Buzau. The two girls named Alina and Alexa they were working in their small village for 50$ PER MONTH ! when two boys made them a proposal to work in Bologna, Italy for a bigger salary. The girls left the country thinking they will have a better life in Italy. They thought they will work one as a maid and the other one as a waiter. They've heard about the traffickers but they didn't think for a minute that this can happen to them.
The moment they got into the bus to Bologna in Romania, the girls heard bad news from another girl named Ana. This Ana worked with the pimps, and said to the girls that they own each one 2000 EUR to the pimps for transport, accommodation, etc. The only way they could pay the traffickers was to prostitute on the street. "I was so naive says one girl. I thought that they mean that I will have to clean the streets to pay my 2000 EUR debt to them but no, I had to have sex with more then 30 customers each night." When another girl presumed that Alina (the 2nd girl) won't pay her debt, he was beaten 3 days in a row by their new owners (some guys from Albania!). He tried to suicide and finally managed to trick his guardians and run to the police.
Ana, the girl from the bus, she's an ex victim who had allied with the pimps hoping for a "better contract". He was caught soon when she was trying to fool other girls.
In the first half of 2006 , 104 traffickers were jailed in Romania. My opinion is that 104 is around 5% from reality.
Many european countries fear that in 2007 when Romania will adhere to the EU and when they won't be any kind of restriction to pass the border, the phenomenon will be highly amplified. That's an alarm signal for Europe.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Gang robs eBay car buyer at gunpoint

Not only romanians have diabolic ideeas in ripping people online, see an example from UK below.
A gang which set up a fake eBay car auction robbed the would-be buyer at gunpoint when he met to close the deal, The Daily Mirror reports.
Shahzad Ali Shah, 23, agreed to meet the "seller" in Dagenham after successfully negotiating to buy the Mercedes Benz Kompressor C180. Shah felt "assured" by the vendor's 92.3 per cent approval rating and agreed to pay for the vehicle in cash after he demanded hard currency.
Student Shah, of Crawley, West Sussex, explained: "The man said if I paid in cash he would not offer it to anyone else. He said if I had the cash, the car was available and we could do the deal straight away. I put in an offer for £5,500 and he accepted."
Later the same day, 20 August, brother-in-law Shaharayar Talpur drove Shah and his mother Shahnaz to the meeting point. Shah's mother, a catering assistant, had saved for 15 months to buy her son the car as a university graduation present.
Shah recounted: "While waiting, two youths came towards us as if checking who was in the car. We moved to the main road as something didn't feel right, but when we parked there, the two guys and two others got out of a Vauxhall Corsa behind and approached us.
"An Asian guy told my brother-in-law to open the window and when he refused he pulled a gun from his fleece. He ordered him to open the door and took the keys so we couldn't drive off. He kept saying, 'You're here for the Merc - where's the money?'
"I said we didn't know anything and didn't have any money, but he just walked over and pointed the gun at me. Mum was terrified."
The gang made off with £5,580 plus Shahnaz's purse, phone, and credit cards. She told The Mirror: "I saw them point the gun at him [her son], the man started counting and I was so scared something would happen to him. I'm relieved my son was unhurt but I'm still having flashbacks now. I'm still scared."
During the robbery, one of the perpetrators "accidentally hit a button" on the stolen phone and dialled Shahnaz's daughter Zohar, 14, who was able to listen to the whole ordeal. She in turn called her sister Jabeen in panic, who later recalled: "When Zohar answered all she could hear was Mum screaming and the man shouting at her to give him her money. She was so worried she called me to say, 'Mum's in trouble'. She's still upset now."
Police are investigating the robbery. Shah told The Mirror that they "have told him data protection laws governing eBay and the fact the gang's car reg plates were fake have hampered their hunt".
eBay assured: "We've an excellent relationship with police and always provide information and assistance when requested." ®

9/11 - five years later

I was reading the online edition of New York Times and I found this article about 9/11

It was a very sad day. A few romanians died too that time. Everybody R.I.P.

Who's fault it was ?

Added a new folder in my gallery with a few pictures with mountain scenes order to complete the tourism post that I made earlier

You can view the pictures here ->

The pictures are from Predeal city. It is located 138 km north of capital Bucharest. Great place to spend a one week journey during the winter season. Enjoy them , more to come. If you need any acommodation info's about these area , email me and I will digg up for you for some fresh reviews and prices.

There are many things to be said here, and they will be completed daily.

Tourism for sex in Romania

You probably don't know but Romania has also a large interest for so named "sex tourism". High prostitution networks activate here, and recently activate online in order to recruit new clients. Many times they use footage to blackmail their customers. I don't know exactly how they manage to bring soooo many abroad customers for sex , I guess they have some kind of recruiters in other countries that get some kind of affiliates there. Anyways it's a very high profitable business among the romanian mob's, and many times they have the full support of authorities by offering them bribe (and why not, sex favours). Oh you didn't know that ? Then join the club and come here for sex, people would love you anyway because you spend cash here and make profit to Romania. I believe that 7 out of 10 people have blackmail troubles when they come for sex. If you feel lucky you might get away easy, but do you feel better when you have sex with a kid under age of 18 which is 7/10 times being held forced to do this job ? Think twice before you do that, otherwise you might be unlucky and get some years into romanian prisons, which are not so hospitaliere.

Who are the customers ? Of course, the same western european citizens who come here to molest homeless kids. Although in some western european countries the prostituion has been legalised, they rather come here to fulfill their pervert sexual wishes with kids which are forced to practice this.