Saturday, September 09, 2006

The way of life, quality and the costs

I will try to relate you here some personal impression about the romanian way of life, the life quality here and what are the costs. Unlike other countries who extend, I noticed that ex-communist countries have an apart way to grow. Against the fact that we have a chaotic economy system which works on the tag: "Get rich fast as long as you have the power to do it, no matter that you represent the Law system, the Govt, you work as a doctor, a mayor or you are a teacher."

Despite the way that our country is (mis)represented internationally via TV, Internet, Newspapers, Radio or people who relate their stories from visits here, we try to be famous by enrolling in international wars leaded by US and his allies, but as far as I can say, we don't mind that, there are new career opportunities for our soldiers and other advantages as a an appreciation from US & Co.

We have a pretty upside-down way of life. We enjoy copy everything we see on Internet, TV or hear from our friends that it's new or cool. Most of the stuff have US influences, which I don't mind at all (...except McDonald's & KFC maybe). Romanian people earn almost nothing but still they survive. Some of them have a decent life and accept the situation, another large percent lives at the borderline between depth poor and survival , and continue their life in misery, and the very rich people who took advantage of the rest of the population by scamming them as they could better. You can't eradicate them, they are too many at the moment, even if only 4 months keep us away from integrating into European Union at January 1, 2007. I wonder if something will change or other "sharks" will penetrate into the system and take what's left of it.

We can't complain now that we miss something. We have absolutely everything you can want here. Everything. Except the money to but it. Romanians love to shop even if that means to give up a meal just to be cool. The cooler you are, you get more respect from your friends, co-workers, etc. That's a crap. This phenomenon is caused by the absence before 1989 of things like clothing, electronics, ... well , absence of everything. At least 80% of the romanian population didn't knew how a VCR looked like before 1989 , but now they are very familiar with the latest technology from ... BMW, SONY, BOSE, plastic surgery, (just a few examples) etc. ! Even if there are almost 17 years since then, the people still feels the need of new things in their life, so they experience everything is new. It's normal, but this action accelerates a little faster then it should be. New stuff are released everyday in every domain and the people feel the need to shop, they take serious loans from the banks with very high interests and bogus terms & conditions, they grant with their houses, business, lands etc. just to buy useless stuff that they actually don't need.

Maybe you didn't know that the minimum wage Romania is around 130$ per month and the medium wage is around 350-400$ per month. Please see my ... let's say photoblog hosted at You will probably wonder "He says they are relative poor, but how come I see so many new cars on the streets, so many new buildings and so many stores ?" I wonder myself too sometimes... We complain that the Gov't steals big time from us, but aren't always try to cheat by avoiding paying taxes too ? Everything you go, to get some attention you must offer bribe, I mean in every domain activity you can imagine. Need a doctor in Romania ? There are many good doctors, but you have many chances to die on the surgery table if you don't offer him an "attention". Well every activity in this country is based on bribe. You offer bribe, you get what you need, but you also encourage the phenomenon.

We had the chance to develop ourselves for 17 years now ! But we choose not to. It's wrong said "we" as the citizens. We didn't take the decisions, the old communists take care to integrate in the new "democratic" system, had the chance to get some large amounts of money offered by the international community to Romania in order to grow up it's economy and used them in personal interests. There are barely a few people who had any contacts with law for doing that and STILL the western european countries offer us the change to do it again, and again, and again. Until when ? Until somebody jails those pricks ? Until they die natural and the new teen generation takes the leadership ? Too bad, that's why I think more and more to immigrate and become a slave for another country where everything seems to be ok, even if it isn't. Those people made us hate our country, made us sell everything and forget everything that kept us linked to our homes and families and to immigrate in Australia, NZ, USA and most of the western european countries.

You may not have this feeling by visiting Romania, but you can read on the face of the people this sadness. I will complete this post soon with a photoblog that will show you what you need to know about our way of life.

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